Made With Huakia

We deep known that under such a period with rapid development in the LED industry today, it is not possible to completely satisifed with all your requirements across the world. HUAKIA in the manufactur comception of “Made with Huakia”, it is hoped that to resolve product design or the customers concerned on manufacturing process over the future of manufacturing products to meet the design requirements.

Lighting Simulation
We can perform brightness and photo simulations for stadiums, school classrooms, warehouses, factories, etc. to ensure your project meets the requirements of customers and various national standards.

LED circuit layout
We provide various lighting system designs and lighting system PCB drawings.

Product design
We can design various lighting product shapes according to your customer's requirements to ensure that the products match the application scenarios.

Optical properties design
We can perform optical design and simulation for lighting products to ensure that the optical output will meet the application specification and usage requirements.

Thermal design
We can scientifically plan and simulate the thermals of lighting products, so that lighting products can achieve the best heat dissipation performance.

Landscaping project design and services
We can sketch and simulate the outdoor lighting landscape, so that you can communicate and confirm various details of the lighting project with your customers.