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Company Overview

Shenzhen HUAKIA optoelectronic Co., Ltd., professional in the application of LED Components, High Power LED and LED Lighting products development, design, production and sales, services for the integration, it is a technology-based enterprises.   With the advantages of development, manufacturing in Shenzhen city, Chinese mainland. We holding the conception of "  Cooperation, Trust, Persistence, Innovation" and attitude on products quality improvement are to become internationally renowned LED devices and integrated LED application products manufacturers, service for the global LED demander. 

HUAKIA optoelectronic upholding "Beyond Led" for its mission, to improve the quality as its attitude, the development and world-class service, you could be received the most appropriate products and service here. The selection of raw materials, components production, debugging applications, installation, the whole integrity of the scientific process   and the producing control process are to ensure a solid basis for product quality. Our factory strictly enforced internal 5S management standard, and have passed the ISO9001:2001 quality system certification. The technology research  team adopt advanced circuit design software, optical simulation software, high-quality sales team and improve the    service system to ensure that our products to be the most stable and cost-effective in the global synchronization. 

HUAKIA optoelectronic’s factory located in Shenzhen, China, a completely independent and fully automated die-bonder, wire bonder, capsulated equipment combined with application of modern products producing line. Our Led components mainly included seven segment digital display(Numerical display), dot-matrix, LED Lamps, High Power LED and PLCC Top view SMD. The implicated products included LED indoor/outdoor Lighting products, LED long tube( lighting bar), LED shot lamp ,LED automotive products and so on. Our research and development team has an average eight years experience in the LED industry and the electronics industry field, which ensure the continuous product innovation, integrated applications, technology and the enhancement of lower cost to make our products more suitable   with humane and updated times. 

Vision and Values 

Our vision is to be the most advanced and largest technology and services provider to LEDs, and in partnership with them, to forge a powerful competitive force in the LED industry. To realize our vision, we must have a trinity of strengths: 

(1) be a technology leader, competitive with the leading LEDs 

(2) be the manufacturing leader 

(3) be the most reputable, service-oriented and maximum-total-benefits LEDs factory 

Business Philosophy 

  1. Integrity

    Integrity means:

    We tell the truth.

    We believe the record of our achievements is the best proof of our merit. Hence, we do not brag or boast.

    We do not make commitments lightly. Therefore, once we make a commitment, we devote ourselves completely to meeting that commitment.

    With competitors, we compete to our fullest within the limits of the law, but we do not slander them in order to gain benefit for ourselves. We also respect intellectual property rights of others.

    With vendors, we maintain an objective, consistent, and impartial attitude.

    We do not tolerate any form of corrupt behavior or politicking. At HUAKIA, company politics are forbidden. When selecting new employees, we place emphasis on the candidates' qualifications and character, not connections or "guan-xi".

  2. Maintaining a Consistent Focus on our Core Business: LEDs Factory

    We must focus on our business at all times, which is dedicated LEDs factory, and not distract ourselves with other pursuits.

  3. Globalization

    Our target is and always has been the global market. We do not limit ourselves to China or any specific geographical region. We recognize that the LEDs business has no national boundaries, and that to be competitive anywhere we must be competitive worldwide.

  4. Long-term Vision and Strategies

    An enterprise whose success endures is much like a successful marathon runner, whose skills and objectives are quite different from a short-distance sprinter. We truly believe that a person or company that does not plan carefully for the future will soon have problems in the present. We are confident that if we do a good job of long term planning and execution, we will greatly reduce the need for crisis management.

  5. Treating Customers as Partners

    Since the company was founded, we have treated our customers as partners and have never competed against them. This policy is the key to our current success and will be crucial to our continued growth. At HUAKIA, customers come first. Their success is our success, and we value their ability to compete as we value our own.

  6. Building Quality into all Aspects of our Business

    Every HUAKIA employee is responsible for providing the highest quality service. To achieve this, each person continuously evaluates and improves the quality of his or her own work. Our greatest goal is to achieve and maintain complete customer satisfaction.

  7. Constant Innovation

    Innovation is the wellspring of HUAKIA growth. It is vital to all sectors of our business, from strategic planning to marketing to management to technology and production.6. Building Quality into all Aspects of our Business Every HUAKIA employee is responsible for providing the highest quality service. To achieve this, each person continuously evaluates and improves the quality of his or her own work. Our greatest goal is to achieve and maintain complete customer satisfaction.

  8. Keeping Communication Channels Open

    HUAKIA has implemented an open-style management system designed to keep all lines of communication open. Employees openly cooperate with one another, while treating each other with honesty and sincerity, Everyone welcomes constructive criticism and is willing to seek improvement. This management style allows all opinions to be expressed before a final decision is made. Once a decision is made, everyone works together to achieve the set goal.