History & Milestones

2016HUAKIA will participate in the exhibition "Expo eléctrica internacional" in Mexico. Huakia established a five-year plan for each; Goal is to become well-known in the Americas have the top 10 LED lighting company.
2015Huakia established "Design for you" support department, and actively provide customers with a variety of pre-project simulation, design. Increase customer energy efficiency lighting project, and strive to make the project become a local representative of green energy. In the UK, Iran, Mexico, the development cooperation agent. Began to undertake domestic projects.
2014the company try the first time undertake overseas projects, and joined its installation guide (UAE). keep up with the Times, developing Internet marketing, and to carry out human network sales model.
2013the company developed a 300W power flooding lights.
2010Establish International Trade Department and promote cooperation with Global Sources Online. "Made with Huakia" international service purposes.
2009Moved factory to Shenzhen, China changed its name to Huakia Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
2007Start production of high-power 1W LED
Start encapsulation CREETM CHIP LED.
2004Start producing white LED in Dongguan.
2003Establish workshops for LED lamp production line in Dongguan.
1999Began engaged in trading activity LED products in Dongguan.