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Huakia Advantage
  • More than 10 years experience in LED manufacturing.
  • Advanced product design and cooling technology.
  • Leading timely quality management.
  • Professional teams and international services.
  • Brand management philosophy of continuous improvement.
Huakia History
Made With Huakia

We deep known that under such a period with rapid development in the LED industry today, it is not possible to completely satisifed with all your requirements across the world. HUAKIA in the manufactur comception of "Made with Huakia", it is hoped that to resolve product design or the customers concerned on manufacturing process over the future of manufacturing products to meet the design requirements.

Made with Huakia
About Huakia

HUAKIA optoelectronic, professional in the application of LED Components, High Power LED, LED Lighting and LED Display products development, design, production and sales, services for the integration, it is a technology-based enterprises. With the advantages of development, manufacturing in Shenzhen city,China.

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